Frequently asked questions

Why 25 Maps?

We love maps! 25 Maps is a way for us to create new maps and make them available for everyone to buy. At a time where it's so easy to mass produce objects, limited edition maps is a way of creating a unique set of designs ongoing.

Are the maps numbered?

No. We limit the number of purchases to 25 per map.

Will you ever print a map that has sold out?

We don't intend to, but we will come up with new themes that will be available to purchase.

I don't see a location that I want, how can I make a request?

You can request your suburb or town here.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to anywhere in New Zealand

Can you ship to a country outside of New Zealand?

No. You can purchase from any country but it must be shipped to a New Zealand address.

How long does it take for the item to be printed, framed and shipped?

It takes about 8 business days for framefox to process, print and frame the order.

What happens when I place an order?

We process the order as quickly as possible. This is a manual process where we send your order to framefox once an order has been made.

I have a question

Get in touch.